Who we are


The Apartment Club is the brainchild of guitarist/vocalist Acen Herron. At its onset, and with the help of a few close friends, Herron started construction on first drafts of songs that would later become Apt Club favorites. After a few member changes and additions (Geoffrey Kelly/Drums, Jake Bagwell/guitar and Nathaniel Kelly/bass) the lineup was set and Herron's passion project was free to take form for what is now becoming a serious artistic endeavor for not just him, but all members alike. With lyrics that are not afraid to explore life's ups and downs, The Apartment Club is taking stages by storm to bare heart, soul, and mind in their fun filled, sorrowful, angry, happy go lucky musical expression of life, love and loss.

Vocals, Guitar / Acen Herron
Guitar, Vocals / Jake Bagwell
Bass, Vocals / Nathaniel Kelly
Drums, Vocals / Geoffrey Kelly



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